Administrative Law


We offer the advice, coordination and processing necessary to carry out procedures, both administrative and sanctioning, in front of the different state bodies and institutions.

In this way, we represent you in all procedures and defense that represents a process of sanction initiated by an administration. Administrative appeals and claims of liability will be formulated.

Administrative Litigation Law

Our professionals have the necessary experience to handle judicial proceedings in front of the Administrative Litigation Court and the Administrative Court. They advise companies and individuals as well as public administrations.

They have the skill to file appeals before the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice or the Court of Cassation, as the case may be. This, without leaving aside the drafting and submission of precautionary processes against the Public Administration.

Tax Law


Our team has lawyers specialized in tax matters, with the tools to deal with these cases, both in the administrative and administrative litigation.

This includes: Interposition of precautionary measures, advice and representation in the different processes, recursive exercise against resolutions related to the tax issue, among others.

Some of our services in tax matters include: financial accounting, tax audits, forensics and tax alternatives.

Constitutional Law


As an essential part of the protection of fundamental rights, Officium Lex has proven successful in drafting protection and habeas corpus remedies. In addition, it demonstrates a specialized exercise of the forensic technique in the development and writing of actions of unconstitutionality.

Environmental Law


Companies or individuals can count on advice regarding their obligations to the environment; issues related to energy, water, waste, sonic pollution or discharges.

This is an important issue for Officium Lex to have a path to Neutral Carbon certification. In addition, we manage policies oriented to zero paper.

Customs Law


As an extension of the property sector, customs law is an important area for our firm, since it satisfies the interests of our exclusive clients, related to exports, imports and the logistical development of its commercial activity.

We provide advice, monitoring and representation, both in administrative and in the National Customs Court, as well as in the judicial seat. Incorporating recursive material and interposition of precautionary measures.

Public Contracting


Nuestros profesionales especializados en esta área cuentan con el conocimiento y capacitación necesaria para los sistemas de compras públicas electrónicas. Officium Lex is at the forefront of technology, particularly in the attention of administrative contracting processes, dominating the processes through the various electronic platforms used by the Public Administration to acquire goods and services. We keep information on public procurement in full; allowing online access to bidding posters, files, clarifications and resolutions; without forgetting the traditional processes of contracting, in its different modalities.

Our professionals specialized in this area have the knowledge and training necessary for electronic public procurement systems.

Municipal Law


The firm advises, accompanies and represents you in the management of permits, licenses, authorizations and administrative processes in local governments throughout the country.

Private Contracting and Corporate Law


We have created an area to advise and deal with judicial and extrajudicial matters, in matters pertaining to any company, such as: private and corporate contracting, with a high quality control content and monitoring in the handling of commercial, civil and labor matters.

This channeling is possible through technological tools that facilitate the lawyer-client relationship, making it more fluid.

Family Law


Aware of the importance and the susceptibility that this area requires, at Officium Lex we are committed to identify ourselves with your case and offer you the advice and support in a professional manner.

We know that family differences should be treated by specialists in personal relationships, psychology and negotiation, so we have the right lawyers for cases of: divorce by mutual agreement, separation of property, alimony, adoptions, recognition of de facto union, domestic violence, wills; among others.

Public Employment


We advise the civil servants in their labor relations with the Public Administrations and the responsibilities that may derive from them: Administrative, civil and criminal; counseling that we provide both in administrative sanctioning procedures and processes processed in court.

Criminal Law


We provide service in Preventive Criminal Law to the entrepreneurs in their relations with the State and international businesses.

Also in Criminal Law for Victims, both for wrongful crimes and for victims of economic crimes. Civil right to compensation is included.

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Given the inability of traditional jurisdictional processes to give a prompt and complete response to dispute resolution, we provide specialized legal advice, from the earliest states and prior to the arbitration agreement, as well as in the conciliation and arbitration stages. The experience of our specialists has been proven both as process lawyers of this nature and as arbitrators in specific cases, evidencing the effectiveness, transparency and agility of the system.

We have experience in international commercial arbitration (AAA), field in which we have advised national and international clients.

Competition Law and Unfair Competition


Our organizational structure not only allows us to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the consumer; but also the protection and promotion of the competition process and free competition through the prevention, prohibition of monopolies, monopolistic practices and other restrictions for the proper functioning of the market and the elimination of unnecessary regulations for economic activities.

We have experience in economic analysis that allows us to point out those behaviors of companies that distort competition in the market, the detriment of the competitor and the consumer; we carry out the analysis of the structure of the market in which the agents develop their activity, as well as the restrictions they face in it.